It's Max's turn to share this week...
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Welcome to our Friday Newsletter!
This week it's Max's turn to share his three interesting links...


I just finished reading Stories of the Law and How its Broken by The Secret Barrister. A really interesting book, although its not actually massively about the law itself. It's more about the effects of austerity since 2010 on the criminal court, prison & probation system. A pretty similar story to what so many in the UK public sector have experienced over the last decade. Further emphasises the crucial question we face of how to continue deliver high quality public services when suffering from acute scarcity?

Really interesting study about the effect of flexible working practices on social workers in Scotland over the last 5 years. Social workers felt that practices such as hotdesking reduced their access to peer support, and that they were left working unpaid hours and facing rising workloads. Perhaps the key detail is that these changes in practice were driven by required cost savings rather workers' needs. For those of us interested in async and remote work, there's a vital lesson on the need to make space for peer support, reflection and learning.

Great article here from the Async Agile blog. Although building in time to be able to work async and do deep work is really valuable, so is time spent building relationships with colleagues - and not all of us have the same likes, preferences and needs for what's the right balance. It sounds to me like the key is, when you do meet - whether for a meeting, a workshop or to socialise - commit and do it right. And to show I'm not just saying this, here's a pic of the Basis crew at the pub in the sunshine last week!

More interesting reads from the Basis group...
'In a post-pandemic world, away days are a rare opportunity to bring people together, in a room, to understand one another and the challenges they face and to imagine their future, together. These are now more important than ever.'

Matt Barnaby

'I've spoken to quite a few people recently who are feeling a bit overwhelmed with work. I've noticed that for some, overwhelm occurs when they work on one 'to do' list. A big long list is difficult to order or get a sense of priority or effort. When I'm feeling overwhelmed, I refer back to this method.'
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