Awaydays (aka off-sites) can fail in lots of interesting ways. Some of the most catastrophic are talked about for years afterwards: alcohol may have been involved… 🙂 But many more awaydays fail in a dull way. Here's how to avoid that. 
My ImpactBasis colleague Matt Barnaby is always on the lookout for high-value productivity hacks. Right now he's playing with a system designed to defeat the depressingly epic to-do list: just get these three things done each day. 
Even THE meeting scientist says he needs "Running Effective Meetings for Dummies." New from Joe Allen and Karin Reed. 
How does psychological safety look in team that's great at asynchronous communication? Pilar Orti and Simon Wilson share.
Dogs in the workplace is part of a wider trend - new incentives to try to make staff happier to come into the office more often.
Metaphorum, the online gathering of the world's Clean enthusiasts, has been a highlight of my calendar since I initiated the very first one of these "unconferences" in 2016. Now I'm "just" a participant, I'm even more excited - I'm planning something special to share. What will you bring? And what would you like to have happen? 
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Judy Rees



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