The fact you are here means you may be curious about Clean Language. And you're probably someone who works with groups. That means that learning Clean Language skills yourself, and learning how to introduce them to the groups you work with, will be valuable to you. Here's your opportunity to learn directly from me in a small group, online via Zoom. 

Facilitating remotely while on the road? Cindy Huggett explains how she sets up her temporary workspace to deliver. 
You've met the rebels in meetings - the ones who question the next activity, the purpose etc. They're great to learn from.
Clint Matheny, who  uses Clean Language and metaphor in psychotherapy, has been following up with former clients. Wow!
It's been a long time coming, but Rees McCann has a shiny new website to reflect our association with Basis and ImpactBasis. Feedback very welcome!
'User manuals' are a great way to help people to understand how to interact with you. My friend Lisette Sutherland provides a fantastic example.
Did you catch my most recent blog post, with tips for facilitators - managers, Agile coaches, trainers, teachers or anyone who works with groups - to get people to turn on their webcams. 
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