As you’ve probably realised, distributed working isn’t going away any time soon. And one important question is still being asked. "How do I get people to run on their cameras in meetings?" Top tips here. 
The team at Rees McCann and ImpactBasis have pulled together their very best stuff to create a six-session learning adventure. Join as many as you like. And there's a half-price offer for social impact organisations.
This piece by Claire Donald about being a woman in the still-very-male world of tech is inspirational. Makes me proud that Claire gets this linkletter, too! 
Sure, it helps to be outgoing and gregarious, but a study shows that presence - or just anticipated presence - makes a major difference in likability. Interesting. 
Interventions like meeting bans work to address a breakdown in the existing system. But what if you have no system? How can you prevent future problems?
I'll be 'holding the mic' at The Facilitation Lab, a weekly virtual meetup built for facilitators, with a session on metaphor.
I'm excited to be kicking off a conversation at the Gurteen Knowledge Cafe. If you have thoughts on this important topic, please join.
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