It's Max's turn to share this week...
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Welcome to our Friday Newsletter! A quick request from us again this week...

We need your help! For the last 4 years running we have been voted as a Financial Times Leading Management Consultant and the voting is open again! Unlike previous years, clients can now join the voting. So, if you think we deserve it and you've worked with us in the last 4 years, we'd really appreciate you taking the time to vote for us, you can do this here. Thanks very much!

This week it's Max's turn to share his three interesting links...

  1. Disruptive innovation is critical – but it is the opposite of what many people think it is - Building State Capability (10 minute read)

People misunderstand the concept of disruption innovation. It's true essence is about starting with small, imperfect or "low-tech" ideas that the potential to grow and meet the majority of need. Not taking a solution that meets the most complex need and applying it to all cases. This is a very agile idea - (1) in starting small and growing and (2) prototyping ideas that are "good enough" to get started and to get feedback.
2. Participatory Budgeting in Brent (4 minute read)

I wanted to share about this exciting participatory budgeting project going at Brent Council. Residents have got the power to decide how £2.25m is spent on their community. Giving the power to decide what support a community needs over to those who understand it best is great to see. Can't wait to see the initiatives to come as a result!
3. How Buurtzorg works Video Animation (5 minute watch)

Finally, I also wanted to share this great little video explainer on Buurtzorg, the dutch home care/adult social care organisation that are a crucial part of the movement for relational or relationship-based social care. They're founded on principles of self-management, trust and placing relationships at the centre. Needless to say, we love their stuff.

More interesting reads from the Basis group...
Basis's new introductory video
The Basis Team

We've created a new video for our Homepage, which gives a brief introduction to what we do and how we can help teams in the public sector. Give it a watch if you'd like a refresher on what we're all about (or if you miss hearing Joe's dulcet tones!).

Max Goodall

Max has written another great blog, this time on his experiences of working with Matt and a local council. He talks about what we do best - impact sprints, deep work, getting it done days. He says 'this was probably the most I've ever learned in the shortest time'.
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