I hate ‘meetings for the sake of meetings’! And async is a superpower for remote collaboration. So I’m constantly asking, ‘How might the goal of this planned meeting be achieved async?’ Details in my latest post. 
Kat Dixon is a research fellow with the Data Poverty Lab. Over three months, she’s investigating community-led initiatives which enable good access to the internet for people experiencing data poverty.
I rarely teach public Clean Language courses these days, but this one's so much fun I made an exception. Online but 'live', in a small cohort, you'll get to grips with using the magic of metaphor, and Clean Language questions, to improve communication in, and with, groups. Use the promo code FLASH20 to save 20 per cent on the (already low) price.
Find out more and book your seat >>>
How do you keep in touch with your team? Do you have daily stand-ups? Here's an effective alternative that we use in Rees McCann.
Toby Sinclair says. "I was wrong about influence. I’ve learned an important lesson." Now he's shared a valuable book list. 
Making sure the first 10 minutes of a hybrid meeting sets the tone for the whole thing. Orla Cronin has some excellent tips.
The findings of an extensive meta-analysis study reveal vitamin D supplementation may help to alleviate symptoms of depression.
Remembering your life in the third person is  surprisingly common. And it may reveal a bunch of stuff about how we think.
In a new Zoom feature, you can make a voice announcement to your breakout rooms. But it only works after an update.
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