It's Kelly's turn to share this week...
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Welcome to our Friday Newsletter! A quick request from us again this week...
We need your help! For the last 4 years running we have been voted as a Financial Times Leading Management Consultant and the voting is open again! Unlike previous years, clients can now join the voting. So, if you think we deserve it and you've worked with us in the last 4 years, we'd really appreciate you taking the time to vote for us, you can do this here. Thanks very much!

This week it's Kelly's turn to share her three interesting links...


Getting together is such a huge part of our (working) lives. Yet, how often do we consciously think about how we gather? Do we take the time to reflect on how we can we make the most out of the meeting, the brainstorm session or team day?
In this TEDx, Priya Parker shared 3 steps to get people to exchange meaningfully in everyday gatherings: Embrace a specific, disputable purpose for your gathering, cause good controversy and create a temporary alternative world through the use of pop-up rules. I might have given the 3 steps away already, but I promise her examples will make it come to life and worth the watch.


How often do you come across a book that you finish in a single evening? I rarely do, but this book by Patrick Lencioni on teamwork is one of those pearls. It’s a golden oldie (2002), but its lessons are timeless. What’s unique about the book is its dialogue-based storytelling. It feels like you have been given the chance to look inside the organization and through the dialogues between team members you discover why the team dysfunctions. I recommend reading the book, although this review spells out its main lessons nicely.
Unauthorized change (50 minute listen)

What can I do if I’m not the one in charge? A lot it turns out. Think about all those tiny tweaks and small moves we can do in our work that we don’t need resources or permission for. And for the bigger changes, there are strategies. This episode of Brave New Work sheds light on the fascinating topic of unauthorized change as they argue we have a lot more authority then we think we do.

More interesting reads from the Basis group...
Basis's new introductory video
The Basis Team

We've created a new video for our Homepage, which gives a brief introduction to what we do and how we can help teams in the public sector. Give it a watch if you'd like a refresher on what we're all about (or if you miss hearing Joe's dulcet tones!).

Max Goodall

Max has written another great blog, this time on his experiences of working with Matt and a local council. He talks about what we do best - impact sprints, deep work, getting it done days. He says 'this was probably the most I've ever learned in the shortest time'.
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Want to make the most out of your summer period while working? Feel like you want to learn and grow and meet people from around the world? We might have the answer for you: ImpactBasis and Rees McCann proudly present their first ever Summer Camp! Join us for one, two, three or even all of the six Summer Camp sessions. A great way to dive into a wide range of topics, gain new insights and experiment as you go.

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