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Welcome to our Friday Newsletter!
This week it's Joe's turn to share his three interesting links...


In the last couple of years, we've worked on several projects that have focused on reducing gender-based violence. This week I listened to a recent episode of the Freakonomics Podcast which explored whether or not incidences of gender-based violence increased during the pandemic. The results were inconclusive, but commissioners and policymakers will be able to draw some useful conclusions from the data that does exist.

One of my soap box topics is decision-making. Most organisations find making reliably good decisions, difficult. There are two main traps. Either we default to the HIPPO (highest paid person's opinion), or we search (often without success) for consensus. When dealing with messy problems, neither of these strategies is optimal. In this recent post from the Corporate Rebels there is a very helpful description of how consent decision-making works at automotive supplier Panelfisa. Despite the industry, I think this approach is both useful and relevant to public services.

A few years ago I committed to doing more to help Welsh public services tackle some of their messiest challenges. It's where I'm from and I want to be part of helping people in Wales to thrive. We don't have the answers (honestly, nobody does), but I'm confident we can help. This week Owain wrote a short summary of the small progress we've made thus far. You can check this out in Welsh or in English.

More interesting reads from the Basis group...
Have a word with yourself eh?
Matt Barnaby

My Mum has reflected a few times that ‘as a kid, you’d often prefer your own company’, so maybe this idea resonated with me because of that - but anyway…
I’m all for eliminating ‘meetings for meetings sake’. Although I’m guilty of vague invites, my toes curl at the received invitation that simply says ‘catch up’ or such like.
But the one meeting I do like to encourage is the 'meeting for one’. Read more about this here...

Judy Rees, Rees McCann

One of the challenges Rees McCann’s clients often have is this one: how to generate creative collaboration remotely, when some of the participants are at a massive digital disadvantage. If your meetings often have participants in lower-income countries, as many of our humanitarian and social impact clients do, you’ll know all about this stuff.
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