You asked, it's happening! An opportunity to learn how to use Clean Language to bring out the good stuff in groups.

You're one of the first to get the news because you said you'd be interested.

That means you already know that Clean Language offers something special, even for experienced group facilitators.

the Clean Language questions offer a structure for asking about what matters in a way that reliably builds rapport and trust.  

David Grove's Clean Language uses individual metaphors - the stuff of thought, the native language of the unconscious mind - to support people to more easily share what they really think and feel.

Taken together,
these two factors lead to more of the good stuff in groups. Deeper sharing, richer dialogue, better and more informed decision-making.

Over three half-days on Zoom this September and October, you can get to grips with these skills in a small-group training led by me, Judy Rees, alongside Steve McCann.

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