"It was a great successful event with echoes that will shape the future..." So said one of Rees McCann's recent clients, after we ran a two-day off-site for a leadership team. It's a delight when people get to know each other, have fun and learn lots - and even better when there's a long-term positive impact. My colleague Joe Badman has been sharing his top tips this week. 
A study by experts Qatalog and GitLab has revealed how a pervasive culture of digital presenteeism and broken technology can make asynchronous work almost impossible.
Some ideas won’t float but, not all ideas are going to land well - but what if one thing does? What if one idea shared helps some one or some thing some where?
How can we be more self-aware of how informal power shows up in our civil society organizations?
How to search out, shape, and gain from strategies that embrace disorder and distributed control.
Metaphorum, the global online festival celebrating Clean Language and its  applications, is back soon.
There are still a couple of seats available for this short cohort-based course. If you work with groups, for example if you're an Agile coach or scrum master, this is for you. 
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