If your team's been doing lots of talking and still has communication challenges, try this fabulously simple and effective activity. 
A few seats are still available for this year's edition of my live-online, small-cohort Clean Language training. Join us!
My ImpactBasis colleague Matt Barnaby has been channeling Vanilla Ice:  'Alright, stop, collaborate & listen'. 
Pierre Neis sets out some Clean Language-based questions he uses to get all his transformation projects started.
Digital hoarding isn’t harmless. It’s often associated with anxiety. Is it time to let go of all those emails?
Our colleagues at Basis have been making more video - this time featuring their service design training.
Not new but hilarious, this research sought to establish the overall rate of loss of workplace teaspoons...
Feline psychology features in the latest episode of PsychCrunch. I've got it cued up to listen tonight. 
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