It's Matt's turn to share this week...
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Welcome to our Friday Newsletter!
This week it's Matt's turn to share his three interesting links...

A Plan Is Not a Strategy (10 minute watch)

An illuminating and truly brilliant walk-through and breakdown of 'strategy' versus 'planning'. A really engaging video that had me watch it 3 times back to back. Roger Martin, one of the world’s leading thinkers on strategy, says developing strategy means going outside an organization’s comfort zone and escaping the common traps of strategic planning. Strategy - Planning - Strategic Planning are not the same or interchangeable.

I was brought up to believe that 'being busy' was the goal. As I get older and hopefully wiser I realise that 'busy' isn't the same word as 'useful' or 'productive'. So of late I've been intentionally setting better boundaries and 'time boxes' - not only to work, life as well. I think I'm seeing results but I'll spare you the waffle. Instead - I'll share this article that got me thinking and encouraged me to test some things out.

HOT OFF THE PRESS: Rick Torseth has only gone and released a book! I'm privileged to call Rick a friend and colleague. Over the years I've learned so much from him - not only on the subject of leadership but also how to work better, be more present, engage fully and reflect more candidly. This book has so much helpful content to dip in to. Insightful and practical.
More interesting reads from the Basis group...
Roll Call! A so, simple thing for every team to make a big difference
Matt Barnaby

ImpactBasis is a distributed team. Some of us are in The Netherlands, some in The UK, one on the west coast USA. It’s not always possible to be in the same place at the same time and, let’s be honest - sometimes making the effort to be so, isn’t always a good use of time. So how do we keep in touch effectively without disrupting each other's time and energy? The answer is in this article

Joe Badman and Tom Alexander

Their reflection and insight into the subject of scarcity makes a great read, especially from both Joe’s perspective and experiences of running Basis, and Tom’s perspective of scarcity in local government.
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